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August 17, 2007


Wendy WVG

Hey Minda...Wasn't it kdwb that was out at lake minnetonka..they are not a family friendly radio station HA HA!
yeah..I don't know why people say they are so happy to get rid of their kids...


It's really not the parents' fault. They send "those sweet little ones that you so loved before school" to public school, trusting that this is the proper place to send them. And instead they are morphed into little hellions that they can't wait to get rid of at the end of summer. Think of all the public school kids at the Science Museum, the ones with the manners of farm animals (goats come to mind), the grabbing and pushing. Even Andrew screeches to a halt and stares at the bad behavior with a shocked look on his face! This is what kids are learning at school.


Public schools don't exist to teach kids discipline. Kids have to learn this at home. With parents that are involved, public schools are a wonderful experience for our kids. Even if kids are exposed to things we rather wish they weren't, at least an involved parent can talk through these things.

At schools (of all socio-economic classes) where parents just drop off their kids and assume that the institution will take care of them, well...goats. (Sort of like many groups of adult Minnesotans, in my opinion)

Parenting is not for wimps. I'm not sure any of us knew what we were getting into when we started this. But if you started it, you darned well better take it seriously!


Oh by the way, at this past week we were with the woman who wrote this book


She was not the presenter at the conference, but was there as a parent (her husband is a colleague of my husband's). This book looks darned interesting... because I know I can be irritable at times.

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