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October 11, 2007


Robin N (tqmnurse)

WOW! that is fabulous that you have been so inspired to begin exercising.....I have increased my walking but doubt that I will get to the point of running again....
I am so proud to know you and to know that you are human....does that even make sense??? I love that you are "taking a step back" for a while from your scrapbooking...not because I don't want to see your work, but because you are doing it for all the right reasons! You realized your priorities and are on the road to damage control.
I did this myself recently.....it doesn't have to be a long period of time, but enough that you feel grounded again! Best of luck and I will miss you while you are getting back in tough with all things important!
Robin (tqmnurse from Tallyscapper)...


Bravo. I very much appreciate the themed music; especially when it includes legends such as Frank Sinatra and The Velvet Underground.

But that "different mix" sounds like it was run through Andy Warhol's blender. That's not what it sounds like at all on their "banana album". ;-)

And, unfortunately, Nike said it best -- "Just Do It.


step back-i am glad you feel the need too

new job? i think you are cleaning? tell me more.

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