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December 07, 2007



Very cool idea. We don't do Advent as part of our celebration of Christmas but I whole-heartedly agree with you as to the meaning of Christmas. Our family does Bible passages and reads stories about the manger and things like that.

We are anti-Santa. No Santa anywhere here besides one kneeling next to Baby Jesus. A lot of people give us a hard time, but I don't care. Haley will be more than happy without "him" and DSD already knows he doesn't exist.

I think the fact so many people tell me that we ruin "the magic of Christmas" by not telling Haley about Santa just prove my point that it is too commercialized.

Wow, sorry I rambled on you blog... I should blog this!! Luv u!!!!

Sara R.

Looks like a lot of fun!

Leah Crowe

Oh, I just love that idea about the scripture passages. The scene from the church is gorgeous, it should be on a postcard! Enjoy your weekend!


Minda, I LOVE your advent plan! We did a special cookie for Easter with a Bible reading, and I love that the kids enjoy learning more about our SAVIOR...I don't feel like I'm cramming it down their throat, you know? I want to read the story of Jesus' birth in Luke, but I love the advent idea! Um, we haven't done any decorating yet...still getting used to my crazy work schedule. We may have to implement some changes next year when Jacob's old enough to be out of his "Search and Destroy" phase. :) By the way, your ornaments are spectacular!! Hope you're feeling better...(((HUGS)))

Keely Yowler

I loved your post, Minda. The stockings are wonderful and such a learning experience for your son. The picture of the church is beautiful...just like a postcard.


Wonderful idea Minda...the stockings are adorable and you have such a beautiful advent celebration. I am worried about that santa hat on the light though!! Get that off girl...that is a fire waiting to happen! I put a little stuffed animal on a light like that once and it totally burned.

Dawn Scruggs

Love your post minda! You tree is so pretty and the stockings very neat! Love the blog!

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