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January 08, 2008



Yes, what is your opinion of a WOMAN being in the White House finally????


I'm curious about the specifics of Ron Paul's voting record not be supportive of his positions. I'm not finding this to be the case so perhaps I don't understand your comment.

Something to ponder--Isn't voting for the lesser of two evils still voting for evil?


My results were 75% Hillary
74% Obama
71% Richardson

no republicans? lol



i just don't know what to tell you. go with your gut, it seems to work best for me. it use to be who was going to win for me but this time it was different. had to go with H.


It is difficult to not get cynical when dealing with political things. I guess the only way to not be cynical is to recognize that any politician (no matter how good) is not where our only hope comes from. So keep up the good work of learning about the candidates, pray, and go with your gut. Well, that is what I intend to do anyway.


Interesting test. I rated 85% similar with Dennis Kucinich. I'm so anti-politics that I've never even heard of him.

As to your question of whether or not you should vote only from the nation's top 4 or your top 4... well, I guess IO can see both sides. You want to support the candidate you feel most strongly about, but on the other hand, are you then "throwing away" your vote? Sorry. Don't know what to tell you.


I am having problems with this year's election. I think this is the first real election I feel like I have some stake in. What I mean by that is I am paying very close attention to the candidates. After the last election debacles I really think my vote counts and am scared as to what kind of president will inhabit the white house this time.

I did a test on another site and I'm almost exactly the same percentage with slightly higher towards Hilary than Obama (I'm an obvious democrat I guess). Anyway, I can't decide between the two. They were both my choices in the fore-front of campaigning but I can't decide. I really can't.

Here is what I think and granted this is just an opinion. Hilary seems like a good candidate and show mostly follows my train of thought. Her husband was in office for 8 years which basically means she was like a president. That is good because I liked Bill and what he did for the country and experience is always a bonus. Granted, she hasn't been in Congress long and her health care didn't pan out but I think that only makes her stronger. She knows what went wrong. Although, Bush had a father in office and look how he turned out (I'm not fond of him if you can tell.)

Obama seems to be a very good speaker and very positive and uplifting but can he handle the presidency? He doesn't have much experience and talk will only get you so far. He talks of change but how is he going to do it?

I'm torn. I really am. Who can get the job done? Who will set our country right again, make good with other countries we have shunned and isolated, who will keep our country safe, who will not take away our rights, who will balance the budget, who will fix the health care and social security crisis? Who will...

SH*T...it's a pistol.

Any suggestions? I hate politics. :) It's all talk and bullsh*t. Sorry for the swearwords, you can edit that out. Will Hilary disrupt the boys club? Imagine if we had a woman president and a woman speaker of the house. Sweet.

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