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April 16, 2008



Hang in there darlin. I know it is tough. If it is down here in Georgia I can give you some heads up on bases. I used to live at one. call me if you just need to talk


Is this your first experience with the Army then? Get used to this suddenness...it's kinda their thing. Their little-known motto is "Hurry up and wait." Your son will learn to perfect the fine art of standing in line. :)

Sounds like this decision is already very beneficial in terms of his health. Getting in shape and quitting smoking? That's wonderful! I know you'll miss him and that's hard. I'm here if you need someone to vent to, k? ((((HUGS)))))


Hugs- I know this will be hard for you guys, but thank you for your sacrifice and your sons. I am very proud of your son and his commitment. I am hear if you need to talk, vent, whatever. HUGS


I know this is hard for you, but gosh I do hope it's the one here in town!!

Rachel Whetzel

:::sigh::: So sorry, Munchy. I know first hand what news like this does to a soul. Travis did boot camp during Christmas. It SUCKED.


that sucks


Aw, Minda. I'm sorry you didn't have more time to spend with him before he left. How's Andrew taking it?


Oh sweety this must be so hard for you. Hugs to you.


Hang in there mom! I know it is hard but I promise the time will go quickly....and I am HONORED that he had chosen to keep ME safe!

My Ashley (oldest dd who was 29 at the time) went into the Air Ntl Guard this last summer!! She is probably headed to Iraq the first of the year...we are waiting to find out...

Leah Crowe

Oh Munchkin, I'm so sorry. I hope despite how busy he is you can see him before he's off. I'll be thinking of you darlin.

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