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May 21, 2008


rachel whetzel

what a CUTIE!!! I bet he would like those kilts that they make to be work belts... I'll have to see if I can find a link...
HERE it is!!!
They are pretty cool!! Even have a snap for the crotch for those times when you are up on a ladder... lol


Pama's maiden name (Andrew's great grandmother) was Galloway. Which I believe is Scottish. Then again maybe it is Irish? Too bad since she was orphaned at a young age it is so difficult to trace back the family heritage. I know her father was named Columbus Henry Galloway. He played baseball in the minor league where he was called "Lefty Galloway".
Cute pictures.


Also, one of the adult versions of Utilikilts is designed to hold a 6-pack of beer in the pockets.

I was wondering why Andrew had been in a kilt for a week- now I know!


Oh- in response to the possibility of being Irish, not Scottish, there are official Irish tartans as well. My Andrew has one from the county in Ireland where our family comes from.

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