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August 21, 2005




Your'e a fascinating, creative, and energetic person. I will stay tuned.

Frog Lady

Thena Smith

Hooray!! What fun!!
Come visit my blog too!


Congrats, Minda on joining the blog world! I'll add you to my faves (along with Cathy, Ali, and Donna...and who can forget Thena??!) Everyone LOVES Steffi's album I did at Too...I tell 'em, "You can oooh at the pampered princess, but the album "belongs" to Minda!"
Take care. Kim


It may be boring now but watch out!! So glad you are out there to add to my favorites list. I am jealous!! Susan

Colleen Hagerman

Thanks for alerting me to your new blog - Wow! What a great start. I'll stop by again soon.


What do you say to someone who has just birthed a blog?

I felt terribly unsure of the proper netiquette so I asked a few friends to chime in on my behalf.

I really like what you’ve done with the place but it could use more potpourris. -- Martha Stewart

Dish Dish Baby! (x2) -- Vanilla Ice

Honey, trust me; it’s nothing that a bottle of Nyquil and a good night’s sleep can shed off. -- Bette Midler

I love to see my Internet flourishing so! -- Al Gore

[Insert voice here] [Harmonize something else here] -- Milli Vanilli

I don’t, like, get it. That’s hot! -- Paris Hilton

Oh Kermie, I JUST LOVE GREEN!!! -- Miss Piggy

17 minutes of indecipherable babble closed out with a very slurred, “You stupid Who*e!” -- Courtney Love or Keith Richards; I’m not sure. I called both.

Sorry. I think I need new friends. Welcome to the blogosphere.


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