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September 04, 2006



Even more bumme dthan ever that I missed your booth! I'm just missing out on the good life. I didn't even recognize the things in your pictures. LOOSER!

I'm very glad to hear the world is showing you more respect and adoration than I am and your DH is bringing joy to the woodland creatures of the midwest. We need to talk about doing a video for next year. I'm thinking two angles, either 1) you in a snow white outfit with squngees along the fray, bluebirds on your shoulders and squirrels frolicking around your frock or 2) a Baliwood kind of music video where you're in a sari and are doing line dances with squirrels playing the little symbals with their tails. Just throwing those out for discussion...


People are missing from the photos. Must have been taken before they were allowed in the gates!

Nancy Clauss

Yep. I also noticed the 170k+ missing people in the photos.

I took a picture of the hotdish stand...never tried. Guess I shoulda', eh?

The fashion trend? Not sure. Is the the sales apron, in red? Is it a rabbit's foot around your neck? (I'm guessing it's not really a rabbit's foot...too small... but I can't figure it out)

Must be good ole' basic black.

Looking forward to having you back next week sometime after you recover. (Or does one ever really recover from 12 straight days at the fair?)

I vote for Wes movie #2, by the way.


Wahoo, the 2006 Minnesota State Fair is OVAH!


While the large showy choker could certainly be Adam’s apple camouflage, unless this person frequently wears the only wife beater I’ve ever seen with a plunging neckline, that tan line is decidedly feminine.

It’s a female with Dolly Parton’s fashion sense. That’s my final answer.

And you’ve got to do the Bollywood line dance with the squirrels – although it might shutdown the fair.


In the words of Austin Powers, "that ain't no woman, that's a man, man." How did you get photo less the folks? Early in the am I am guessing. I vote for scenario 2 for Wes' suggestions. Remember the Asian Groove CD? One of those would be perfect! OK, I got to get the nose back to the grindstone.

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