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July 07, 2007



Ok...finally did my facts. :) I must say...I was a B I G fan growing up. It would be really interesting to see him perform today. Really cool LOs!


Really love the colors in your LO's. Great job! I forgot he's from your neck of the woods.


Those are great lay-outs! (I'm not a hip scrapbooker, so I don't use the jargon LO.) I have to admit that I don't know one Prince tune. That is what happens when you are old. Still, your lay-outs look very professional and could easily be cover art for his CD's.

But, I have stood in line for tickets for other artists. Some time in the '60's I camped overnight with friends for Rolling Stones tickets. I don't remember the concert very well though. I actully don't remember the camping out very well either. Something about the 60's causes memory lapses for me. hmmmm

Back to Prince - My next door neighbor when I was growing up, was friends with Prince in high school, and was his double in Purple Rain.

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