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July 16, 2007



OK I got chills when I read this, who knew this was going on in our little 'burb. (I can say our as I spend 1/2 my life there :) Everyone will be in my thoughts tomorrrow.


Oh my gosh Minda- these pictures speak volumes! Your personal experience along with your talent gives us a story that does not need words! I think you should contact the Bloomington Sun and show them your pictures.
I too got chills looking at these.It was great to see you Saturday!

Enjoy the homecoming tomorrow! Give Lance a hug from all of that followed his story!


Leah C

*sniff* The pictures do speak volumes.
{{big hugs Minda}}


You should be a photo journalist. These are awesome, moving photos. You should contact the armory to see if the people in the pictures would like copies. I'm so happy Lance is home. I have looked at his website from time to time and prayed for his safe return.


Great thoughts and pics! You have an eye for telling a story in a splitsecond snapshot Minda.

PS. Keep writing Scott!

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