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August 02, 2007


Wendy WVG

Minda....well written! Joe (dh) travels that bridge everyday to/from work and sometimes more to come home for lunch. Thankfully he left work 'on time' yesterday and was on the bridge at 5:33pm as opposed to 6pm like Monday and Tuesday.
His Guardian Angel was working overtime yesterday!!
I loved reading your account of how the bridge has affected your life! Hope all is well w/you.



so sorry that this has happened in your community. what great memories you have and thank you for sharing!


I was thinking about you when this happened. I'm glad that all of your friends are accounted for. How tragic! Your perspective on the bridge is beautiful.

I continue to pray for those who are missing and for the family of those who have been affected by this tragedy.

Blessings upon you and the community affected by this tragedy!


Leah C

you sure have a way with words Minda.
You going to write a novel anytime soon? If so, I'd like an autographed copy please!
Loved this entry. Now, I wonder when you'll scrap it? {{hugs}}

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