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November 14, 2007


Leah Crowe

Look at you!! I love this video blogging dealy. I can not believe you have the Christmas Tree up already. I was just telling Doug & Katelyn last night how CRAZY our neighbors are down the road for having their Christmas decorations up outside for the last two weeks. *snickering* Love your card box!!!


Sigh... I might need you to cover that THING in the living room with a blanket or something next Monday!


Very cool - video blogging. Not so cool November 14 Christmas tree. Actually, I like shiny things and like them all year round. There is no reason whatsoever that people should not have fun lights all the time, and we really would be better off if we thought of the birth of our Savior every day. Or at least thought of Easter every day.

Back to the blogging. How does it work? Do you use a digital video camera and then upload? What fun!
I wanna do it!

But I'll wait until I'm done with my novel. (Whenever that may be. Not so sure of the Nov 30 deadline. I may join Scott in the MNNANOWRIMO.)


Ok and you always say that I'm too busy...yeah right!

Hey cute box by the way. It turned out cool. I should go back and look again before I ask that question but what idid you cover the box with???


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