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January 24, 2008



LOL, that is so funny!!! Very cool looking phone!!!

Rachel Whetzel

WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! Here's to four years of purple goodness!! lol Have FUN with yer new phone!! They are such FUN.


Sounds like me when I got my new phone. The old one wasn't holding a charge. Cost almost as much to get a new battery as it did to get a new phone. They asked me what I wanted in a phone. Apparently "pink" was my only criteria.


Very pretty. And I just don't know what all your other buddies are LOLing about. I am sure that if I should ever give into the urge to buy a cell phone, I will need an interpreter with me.

My sister got a cell phone before I have bothered, but she had her dial phone WAY longer than me. :)


Omg, the only thing I need to know about my phone is how to answer it! And it better be easy to do, too! I borrowed a friend's phone the other day and weird goobledegook kept showing up on the screen while I was trying to make a call. Apparently, the hand I was holding the phone in was pressing against a button that operated the camera...I just wanna make a CALL, fer cryin' out loud! *deep breath* Sorry, rant over!

Totally ooohing and aaaahing over the purpleness...cool beans!

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