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January 30, 2008



You were the strength that Andrew needed and by divine order he is blessed with you!


Oh, WHY didn't they put him under? Did they think he was too little for that, 'cuz it seems like it would have been SO much easier! Poor little guy! I have some vague idea of how you feel...my little girl, at age 3, fell and split her head open. I had to accompany her to the emergency room for stitches, and I KNOW that had to hurt! Luckily, she's stubborn as a mule (like her mommy, lol) and refused to cry....but I about puked! SO hard to see our little ones hurt.

So, how's he doing today? More work ahead, or is it done? Thinking of you guys!

Rachel Whetzel

They should have re numbed him. Crappy Dr. CRAPPY!! Poor Andrew.

Leah Crowe

oh my gosh.. poor Andrew.. poor Mommy. My stomach aches thinking about the pain you BOTH went through. I pray he's rebounded nicely today.. and you too mom!


So sorry you (and Andrew) had to go through this. Really sorry.

I have a coworker whose 8 year old had 4 teeth pulled. When they went in for a re-check, they discovered the oral surgeon had pulled one wrong tooth. So she had to go through it again to get the correct one pulled. That is when I would have to hit the doctor.


i had horrible, horrible times with the dentist minda when i was younger. my dentist tied my feet to the chair, i was put in the crying room and was told that the dentist would not see me until i stopped crying. i am over it now, but it took a long time, like 10 adult years to get over it and go back to the dentist. lucky for me, dave brings the kids to the dentist. my mother always said, it didn't hurt (she denies this now) but i remember. so now i tell me kids, it hurts, not for long, but it hurts but it's just something you need to do because if you don't things will hurt a lot more in the future. sorry you had to deal with all this. before i got braces, i had 7 teeth pulled (mostly baby teeth but some adult teeth) then i had braces for almost 5 years.

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