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January 11, 2008



Very well said Minda. So sorry that your car go towed. Also so sorry to the people whose parking space has no sign. What a pain for them!! I do hope they fix it soon so more people don't park in their spot!

Dawn Scruggs

O my , at least you apologized and sorry your car got towed!
Hope they get there sign fixed too!


What, are you kidding me? Your car got towed because you parked in a space that looked just like all of the others? I'm not sure, but I think I'd be upset about that. So sorry you had to deal with that frustration!


love it!

BUT everyone has to be towed once in their life, right! :O)

Jason Anderson (No Longer Slave)

Umm... Yeah... What do you mean at least she appologized? It was not her fault the space was not labeled. You make it seem like she has something to apologize for she doesn't. She just is that nice and possibly sarcastic that she will say oh I'm sorry I parked in a spot that was clearly not labeled as reserved. And that you had a bad day so you had to take it out on my car. Shoot, I hope that persons car gets stolen and they lose their job and their reserved parking space. What a jerk! No one treats my momma that way ever!!! They are lucky i didn't work for the towing company or I would have quickly hooked their car up to my towing truck and droped it off in the river. And then said "well, I guess that fixes your parking problem!" LOL.

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