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February 06, 2008



Nice facts! I was tagged and lucky for me I only have three letters in my middle name. LOL!

Like the new look to your blog!


Leah Crowe

I had FORGOTTEN that little fact... wow, so GLAD I picked you now ;) teehee


I'm confused. But maybe that is because I am not an actual blogger, just a blogophil. But, is your middle name, Keciamegan? How unusual!

I want to play and I don't have a blog. My middle name is Kay.

K - Kinesthetic. I learn by doing, rather than reading.
A - Artistic (Painting, Photography, Writing)
Y - Youngish for an old person (Almost a speed limit)

Thank you for a fun game in the middle of my lunch break.



Thanks for stopping by! I wanted to let you know that I have a give - a -way. Come by and leave a comment.


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