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June 21, 2008



Oh, Minda...you write so beautifully and are so very deep with this post! Thank you!


i have no idea how to respond. i feel the need to write something wise but nothing. lol. Like Gina said it was nicely written!


I haven't been on your blog in a long time. Life is too busy these days. I know that you know a lot of people, so you may or may not have been talking about me and my "victimhood", but just in case it WAS me, I DO wish that I had handled things differently AND at the same time, I'm glad for the things that I've been through. I believe that it helps me to have compassion on others.


Definitely food for thought. I fight the battle with bitterness every single day. On the days I win, it's because I've made a conscious decision to just LET GO.


GREAT POST. Loved all u shared... great writing. We all struggle with bitterness. and resentment.. I think it's a choice, every day to rise above it all.. and become a better person, not just for urself, but for others.

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